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Top versatility

Scan front and back side of ID in the same Api request.

Best fidelity

High precision in extracting all data from image analisys.

Face recognition

Generates biometric profiles instantly.

Enforce security

Improve your authentication
and registration processes.

Our integrators say

"idCapture component is easily integrated in existing apps,
providing functionality of extracting all data from documents."
Jane Anderson CEO, Acme Inc.

Get started

First of all link the library from

Set init options

You need to set some data attributes to initializate the component.

<script src="" data-container="container" data-callback="initIdCapture" defer></script>

With the html data-container attribute we set the DOM element which will contain idCapture component.

<div id="container"></div>

And with the html data-callback attribute we set the javascript function which will control the initialization of the component.

    window.initIdCapture = function (Bidcapture) {
        Bidcapture.onConnect = function () {
        Bidcapture.onMrzData = function (mrz_data) {    

That's all. Put your ID card in front of your webcam and start collecting data.

For more options refer to the complete API documentation.